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By Farr

By Farr is the brand of the Farr Family, started in 1994 by Robyn and Gary on a north facing slope in the township of Bannockburn in the Moorabool Valley. The Original wines where Chardonnay by Farr, Viognier by Farr, Shiraz by Farr and Pinot Noir by Farr now known as Sangreal by Farr. Overtime with the help of Cassie and Nick the vineyards have expand to adjoining neighbouring properties and eventually greater expression of the single site wines that we have today because of the pieces of dirt that we love to farm. The wines of By Farr are built around complexity, layered structure and undeniable length that places them in the highest regard by both consumers for their drinkability and age worthiness or critics around the world for their individuality

Farr Rising

A very green and wet behind the ears son of Gary believed he had the enthusiasm and energy to start is own wine label the first year out of university. Nick and Cassie started the Farr Rising brand in a small winery known locally in the Moorabool Valley of Geelong called Innisfail in 2001. The sink or swim guidance that Gary provided in Nick’s first years was not lost on him and has sharped the vigneron his is today. The label first sourced fruit from the Innisfail vineyards while planting new sites on the family farm where the fruit is now sourced for the wines we see today. The Farr Rising wines are build for deliciousness and a higher than expected consistency from every vintage. A fantastic prelude to the By Farr wines yet a stand alone brand of quality.

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The Irrewarra brand is a relatively young brand but with a now mature vineyard site planted in 2001 by the Calvert family of famed Irrewarra Sourdough Bakery. Inspired by time spent in Burgundy during the 1992 vintage Bronwyn and John decided to plant a dry farmed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir site. The Farr Family decided to make the site their own with the help of the Calvert's from 2012, farming the land with the level of detail that is expected of the Farr Rising and By Farr sites. Experiencing overtime the share differences between the Bannockburn and Irrewarra sites has lead to greater awareness of all our sites and created a line of wines under the Irrewarra label that are extremely fine and austere. The chardonnays exhibit lime and utter freshness while the pinots have lifted perfume and and undergrowth structured palate. Both wines are a fantastic example of the damp earth, high rain fall climate and  free draining soils that they are situated in. Exciting times ahead for those that haven’t not yet had the pleasure.

Wine Packs
Philippa Farr's New 2021 Releases

Philippa Farr's New 2021 Releases

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$420.00 / 6 Pack

Its with great excitement that I can say its our 10 year anniversary release, which is fantastic to be able to present the Gippsland and Mornington 2021 Pinot Noirs.

The season leading up to the 2021 vintage was picture perfect, with moderate rainfall to keep growth even and constant, low rainfall and the right amount of warmth to lead into harvest, which all produced a moderate sized crop, with some intense wines.

Philippa Farr GIPPSLAND 2021 Pinot Noir

Cracking wine! As you unfold the layers, the spice and fruit give depth to rich smooth tannins, which allows the wine to lengthen across the palate with utter joy for the taste buds. So lushes, pure enjoyment, a fine wine to finish on…...

Philippa Farr MORNINGNTON 2021 Pinot Noir

Delicious and lively, to taste the fresh Mornington acidity dancing on the palate, with shape from the delicate fruit tannins and lacy oak tannins, that marry so well together. This wine has a very pure and refreshing spirit to it.