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Nick Farr - Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year 2020

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Nick Farr - Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year 2020

News By Farr

Nick Farr - Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year 2020

Nick Farr - Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year 2020

Picture this – Youtube streaming the awards on the television on the front deck, the patio heater turned up to full, eating ‘Supernormal’ that was delivered that afternoon from Melbourne, and the computer in the office logged into Zoom with this year’s nominees for GT Wine – Winemaker of the Year awards 2020.  With the 40 second delay on ‘Youtube’, this did make for an exciting display of athleticism as the announcement for this year’s winner took place!  There was a very sharp dash back into the office to accept the award.

Thank you to Gourmet Traveller Wine for this prestigious annual award, that has now been running for 23 years.  This year’s awards were supported by Perpetual Limited, The star Sydney (where the judges enjoyed a meal and streamed live from ‘Black at the Star’) and Riedel.

Congratulations to all of the 2020 nominees, to be nominated is an outstanding achievement.

What does this award mean to Nick?

‘I feel very honoured to be the second generation in my family to receive this award, after my father Gary won the award in 2001.  Relentless work and passion for our piece of dirt within the Moorabool Valley, produces Australian Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Viognier, that we are so very proud to show the world, all of which have a strong sense of origin, place and family connection.  I could not be prouder of the people that are involved in our vision for excellence, and the standards that we set for ourselves.  These wines are produced to please ourselves, and it is a huge bonus that our customers appreciate them as well.’

Read the story at Gourmet Traveller Wine

How timely that we are also releasing the new vintages of ‘RP’ Pinot Noir 2018, ‘GC’ Chardonnay 2019 and Tout Pres Pinot Noir 2018 this week.

‘GC’ Chardonnay 2019
This site continues to exceed our expectations, regardless of vintage conditions.  Once again, this wine is very complete, with a sense of calmness.  We strive to make Chardonnay’s which are full flavoured and true to varietal character, with an extremely long, mineral and fresh finish.  The 2019 vintage’s palate is as long and as deceptive as we have seen from any vintage.

‘RP’ Pinot Noir by Farr 2018
Named after Robyn for her patronage, the ‘RP’ wine continues to grow in stature each year, and we are delighted to release such a wine, from a very expressive vintage.  Each bottle oozes class and sophistication from the first to the last sip, at no point do we find ‘RP’ ever underwhelming.  It (RP) twists and turns through the web of fruit and tannin, quickly becoming a crowd favourite from the By Farr stable.

Tout Pres by Farr Pinot Noir 2018
The essence of the Moorabool Valley is always front and centre when drinking Pinot Noir from this vineyard.  The evolution of this vineyard over the past 5 years is exhibiting a finer, more detailed structure than we have ever seen before.  The refinement on the palate is what we adore most in the Tout Pres.  Another wine that will certainly suit time in the cellar and is just as desirable on first release.

We do hope that everyone is finding enjoyment in the little and finer things in life this year, and we are still especially thinking of our fellow Victorian’s, in their various stages of lockdown life.  For us at Wines by Farr, we are experiencing one of the best starts to the growing season we have seen in the past 2 decades.  Fingers crossed BOM have the studies of La Nina incorrect, and we are not in for another hard lead up to vintage like 2011!